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Subject: Women's Situation in Field Study from Gender Perspective
Author: CAI Ling
Keyword: female researchers, field study
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: 2014(3)
When a researcher begins his or her work,sources of information often try to allocate him or her an appropriate position.In the meantime,the researcher strives to negotiate relationships in an effort to find her place.This paper,based on interviews of 12 women researchers,tries to understand if the researchers have suffered from dilemmas because of their genders.The results found that although women researchers differed in age,profession and life experience,there were similarities in their experiences.The most common problem women researchers in the field study encountered was that their professional roles were ignored.They were treated as occupying traditional female roles,such as their work was paid no attention but the women's bodies were the focus of attention.In this context,in order to enable research to be carried out smoothly,women researchers usually choose either to be polite or not to speak.
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