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Subject: Participating in Politics -- Analysis of Gender Awareness of Women in Power
Author: ZHANG Yongying
Keyword: political participation, women
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: 2014(4)
Women in power should represent and reflect women's groups' interests and voices. This is the core of women's participation in politics and one of the main reasons to promote more women to become involved in politics.Data from the Survey on the Status of Chinese Women show women in power, compared to women generally and men in power, have a superior sense of gender equality according to indicators of the cognition of traditional gender division and gender stereotypes, opinions on the traditional value of male-dominated society, and from the viewpoint of the current situation of gender equality in China and approaches to realizing gender equality. Also, the attitudes of women in power to women's political participation are more positive. These findings disprove arguments such as women in power cannot represent women's groups' interests, are"men in skirts"and so on.
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