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Subject: Analysis of Bailuyuan from a Feminist Perspective
Author: LIU Wenju
Keyword: Bailuyuan, views on women
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: 2014(4)
Analysis of Bailuyuan from a feminist perspective, lacks care in males' female text: thinking women's views are inferior to men's views of women, female image distortions, phallic centric views of gender relations,"damage caused by women", woman as a window layer of paper paste,as children's tools, backward views of women.Full affirmation of the roles of wives and mothers, thorough denial of women rebels cause distortion and heterization of women. On the concept of sex identification of phallicism, the backward view of women is a concrete manifestation of male chauvinism. Literary works need to be rational and sound from the spiritual viewpoint of male collective unconscious, remove patriarchal culture, to establish the equality of men's and women's thought, and create equal dialogue in gender literature space.
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