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Subject: Women's Curriculum Provisions in American Women's Colleges and Its Enlightenment
Author: Guo Dongsheng
Keyword: American women's colleges, curriculum provision
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: 2014(4)
Women's curricula are a series of courses provided by schools guided by women's concepts and educational theory, based on girls' developing mental and bodily features, and meeting their special learning needs.Analysis of curriculums of women's studies or gender studies in five American women's colleges found the colleges have established specialized foundation courses such as American Women's History, Theory of Women's and Gender Study, Methods of Women, and Gender Study, etc., and they also provide many inter-disciplinary courses on women's studies or gender studies to students. Courses of women's studies occupy a certain proportion of studies by country or by race. Compared with American women's colleges, China's women's colleges and universities experience shortages of curriculum resources, and inter-disciplinary courses in women's education are scarce. To strengthen inter-disciplinary training is the only way to improve the educational quality of China's women's colleges and universities.
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