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Title: Analyzing Gender Intersectionality, and Multiple Inequalities: Global, Transnational and Local Contexts
Author: Chow; Segal; Tan
Published: 2011
Publication or website published: Emerald
Keyword: Gender; Global; Multiple Inequalities
This volume examines how the complex relationships between intersectionality and multiple inequalities are experienced, manifested, and transformed culturally and structurally with dynamic impact on women's and men's lives, social institutions, and communities at the local, transnational, and global levels. The 13 chapters have been revised and expanded from papers submitted for presentation at the conference "Gender and Social Transformation: Global, Transnational, and Local Realities and Perspectives,"held July 17-19,2009 in Beijing, China. They show women and men striving for basic security, upward mobility, local development,and peace. The ways in which people in different social locations earn their daily bread or rice and seek a better way of life for themselves and others are vividly portrayed by an international group of authors in narratives, interviews, and survey data from countries in the global north and south. These individual and group accounts are placed in the broader context of the social structures in which they occur and the social forces that act upon them and to which they respond. The perspective is intersectional. The intersecting positions individuals pccupy in social structures represent the socially constructed multiple inequalities of everyday life, an inequality regime in which diverse women and men are privileged and/or pooressed in many ways, sometimes simultaneously. Their positions afford them agency and options, but also impose challenges and barriers. Patriarchal traditions are among the processes that shape and differentiate the lives of women and men in many specific settings.
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