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Title: Research into Women Prisoners' Correction System of China
Author: Yang Mugao
Published: October, 2012
Publication or website published: Nanjing University Press
Keyword: female prisoners, prison correction, community correction, system arrangement, theory innovation
Female crime has become a prominent issue. With the number of crimes committed by females in China increasing year by year, their prevention and reduction, and the control of female crime, have become an important task in a new era of Ideological and political work. The correction of female prisoners is an important part of prevention and reduction of this type of crime. For a long time, there has been little theoretical research into the women prisoners' correction system. Few scholars are involved in research in this area. Based on the collection of a wide range of information on female prisoners' correction, investigation of part of the National Women's prison system, reformatories for juvenile delinquents and the community work mechanism of corrections, the author conducts a systematic study of the historic development of the female prisoners' correction system, planning and design of women's prisons, and the characteristics of and reasons for female crime. The author also addresses the administration of correction system, female education and modification of the education system, psychological correction, the assessment of the quality and effectiveness of correction, and female labor reform. The author also systematically illustrates issues related to the construction of female prison police wardens teams. In addition, the author puts forward specific countermeasures for the special groups in female prisoner correction, that is, those involved in community service, and underage women. The book also introduces related UN resolutions on women prisoners, women's corrections in other countries with large numbers of women prisoners, as well as women's corrections in China's Hong Kong and Macao regions. It puts forward the future development prospects for the women's corrections system, so readers can have a more comprehensive understanding of the whole general area. The book is the first research monograph into the theory of the female criminals' corrections system since the founding of new China to fill in blanks in prison studies, and in women's studies. Based on the characteristics of female prisoners, the book emphasizes differences between the female and male corrections systems, with originality and systematic, comprehensive and forward-looking features. It is a reference book for female corrections wardens police and researchers. This book will be useful as a teaching aid and also provides instructional materials for judicial police colleges.
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