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Title: Family Policy
Author: Lv Qing, Zhao Xianghong
Published: December, 2012
Publication or website published: Social Sciences Academic Press
Keyword: Family policy, family welfare, family, investing in children
The family is not only an important organization in the prevention and resolution of social problems, but also is an important base for the cultivation of human capital. Qualities of workers consist in not only knowledge and skills, but also include interpersonal communication skills, cooperation, team spirit, leadership abilities and innovation. If the acquired knowledge and skills mainly rely on schooling, then the cultivation of other abilities cannot be separated from the family. Family is an important source of welfare. There is no substitute for the function of the family. Supporting families as an important strategy to respond to changes in the family in Western countries, and protection of the family as an important social asset, are important insights from development-oriented family policy. Because of family changes and problems that have emerged in China, we need to make strategic adjustments and build a new family policy system. This will ensure the economic security of families, support the ability of family care, share its responsibilities, prevent and help resolve problems within the family, promote family capacity-building, and meet a wide range of welfare needs. People's needs are met through a variety of channels or multiple systems, including governments, markets, families, communities and social civic organizations. In order to ensure social policies play a lasting and effective role, it is necessary to support and promote the working together of these different systems. Families, together with other social systems, not only provide benefits to members of communities, but are also structures in which other social systems ultimately also play roles. We should make new choices emphasizing the importance of the family: structuring society to support the family and invest in children's social environment and institutional systems, playing the functions of government, market community and social civic organizations, to support and help the family to better fulfill its responsibilities.
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