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Title: The Gender-Budget Reform in China -- Method, Case and Application
Author: Ma Caichen
Published: 2014
Publication or website published: Economic Science Press
Keyword: China, gender budget, reformations, methods and cases, applications
The book, "The Gender-Budget Reform in China -- Method, Case and Application" is the second work on the social gender budget in domestic policy, and forms a companion book to "Gender Budget: Theory and Practice" (Economic Science Press, 2009). Social gender budget combines the development goals for people and the economy organically, brings social gender perspectives into the process of budget decision-making, and systematically evaluates different influences on public expenditure policy for males and females. It is an important breakthrough for deepening fiscal and taxation reform. Based on the rich perspectives on government budget and social gender issues, this book will expand the analytical vision of the financial sectors and public decision-making institutions in order to effectively promote the modern budget system and the transformation of public governance. Against the background of the modern financial system, and based on the systemic investigation of the newest processes of social gender budget theory and practice, this book gives special emphasis on analyzing the Asian mode of social gender budgets and its enlightenment in China, with in-depth analysis of typical Jiaozuo experiments in social gender budgets. It also interprets many frontier aspects of two topics: taxation, and expenses and receipts of expenditure policy. It analyzes the main technical tools and application methods of social gender budgets and shows the roadmap to and key points of China's social gender budget reform.
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