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Title: Gender Politics and the State: On Women's Liberation in China
Author: Zhang Nian
Published: 2014-2
Publication or website published: The Commercial Press
Keyword: gender, politics, state, women, liberation, China, gender equality, development
Abstract: How long would girls take to walk out of a harem, show their disapproval of traditional social discrimination against women, fight for respect from the public and write their own literary works in China? For hundreds of years, Chinese women have suffered from ignorance, improper distortion and prejudice from a male-dominated society. In order to find a sense of belonging in some important political concepts, including revolution, liberation, equality and freedom, female individuals have launched several campaigns to eliminate the public's prejudice in recent decades. As women in the new area, we are expected to recognize whether the goal of women's liberation has been achieved or just relieved from conventional discrimination. We also have to know that women's liberation should have solid theoretical assistance and a policy support system. This book aims to demonstrate the multiple conflicts and paradoxes in the process of Chinese women's liberation, and show their winding course to the freedom from a theoretical perspective. Zhang Nian, a feminist critic and associate professor from the College of Humanities, Tongji University. Zhang's representative works: Women's Republic, A Feminist Won't Bite
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