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Title: Research and Actions on Gender Communication: 5 Years of Development of UNESCO's 'Media and Women'
Author: Shang Zijuan, Li Shuzhuo
Published: 2016-8
Publication or website published:
Keyword: research, gender, development, women, media, sex ratio, Shaanxi Province, China
Abstract: This book records the development of the "media and gender" teaching scheme of UNESCO (the UN's Teaching, Scientific and Cultural Organization) from 2005-2010. Its content focuses on teaching, scientific research, industry community cooperation, international exchange, professors' missions, media and gender research theory construction and media and women's issues. Based on the theory of public governance, structure governance, performance governance and researches on public policy, the author puts forward the model of combining the structure of public sector governance with governing instruments. According to the data from a special investigation "Trends, Models and Strategies of Sex Ratio at Birth in Shaanxi Province", the author analyzed the influence of governance structure and tools on governance effects. Leveraging multiple regression models and linear models, the author also surveys the status quo of the population in Wugong County, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province and summarizes the model of holistic governance on gender imbalance.
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