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Title: Women's Utopia——Women's & Gender Studies in New China
Author: Li Xiaojiang
Published: 2016-4
Publication or website published:
Keyword: women, gender equality, China,development, policy-making
Women's and gender studies became an influential theoretical foundation at the end of the 20th century, arising from the new feminist movement of the 1960s. In China, these theories were the product of women's studies movement of the 1980s. "Female" and "gender" often appear tighter when analyzing case studies, but they are different in theoretical principle: women's studies belong to the category of ontology and is about the development of women; gender studies is a methodological category, mainly for the deconstruction of history and culture, more related to the field of science. This book is a collection of lectures. Volume one is about "Women's Studies in New China" discussing practical issues and the specific process of Chinese women's development as seen from the 1980s. Volume two is about gender studies and basic education focusing on discussion and the construction of the discipline of science, and its echoes with corresponding Western feminism. Based on these ideas, Chinese women's studies concentrates on exploring local resources.
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