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Title: In the Fields of Science and Technology: Female Senior Talent Development Status and Countermeasures—Based on Five Provinces' Qualitative Research Report
Category: Abstracts of Achievements
Author / editor: Jiang Yongping, Ma Dongling, Jia Yunzhu, Yang Hui
Issue / time: No. 3, 2011
Source: Collection of Women's Studies
Summary: Women play an important role in Chinese science and technology human resources. However, there are some obvious problems concerning women's development in the fields of science and technology. The most serious one is that women accounted for only 5% in all kinds of top talent. Through the senior women scientific and technological personnel, managers and male partner's statement and analysis, this paper takes a qualitative research method and poses reflections in the fields of science and technology female talent development status, development rules, the main obstacles, and policy requirements and suggestions.
Keyword: in the fields of science and technology, female senior talents, development rules, obstacles, suggestions
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