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Title: Constructing China Characteristics Socialism's Advanced Gender Culture
Category: Abstracts of Achievements
Author / editor: Ding Juan
Issue / time: No. 1, 2012
Source: Journal of Yunnan Nationalities University
Summary: Socialist culture with Chinese characteristics is an organic culture system, including gender culture. Without gender culture construction, socialist advanced culture would be out of the question. Therefore, the gender culture into Chinese the socialist culture construction process, not only is a requirement of innovation and gender and cultural development, but also the inevitable needed to promote the great development and prosperity of socialist culture. Socialist gender culture is the most advanced and progressive culture in history. Its basic premise is gender equality, and its advanced nature is the essence of socialist gender culture. In the process of the construction of Chinese cultural power, adherence to the Marxist doctrine, and the theory of women's guidance, advancing with the times, the basic principles of gender equality into all of the major aspects of cultural construction, in the development and prosperity of the culture at the same time, providing scientific ideological guidance for the Chinese women's movement and gender equality.
Keyword: China characteristics, Socialism, gender culture, construction
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