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Title: The Chinese Communist Party Women's Employment Security Thought and Practice Development
Category: Abstracts of Achievements
Author / editor: Huang Guixia
Issue / time: No. 4, 2011
Source: Collection of Women's Studies
Summary: This paper mainly studies the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) women's employment security of the basic political positions, the safeguard way and content, and security features in the new democratic revolutionary period, the period of socialist construction, and since the Reform and Opening-up. Since the founding of the CCP, the party has established the basic ideas to guarantee women's employment rights, formulated specific labor protection measures. Gradually, the Party establishes the women's employment security system with the core of employment rights protection, labor protection and maternity insurance, with legal protection of women's employment rights and equal pay for equal work rights, constantly promoting women's employment security socialization, diversity, and systematization.
Keyword: the Chinese Communist Party, women's employment security, thoughts, practice
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