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Title: Laws, Policies and Experiences from the International Community Relevant to Fighting Violence against Women and Girls
Category: Research Info Briefing
Author / editor: Information Center of Women's Studies Institute of
Issue / time: Issue No. 6, 2013 (Total Issue No.137)
Source: Women's Studies Institute of China
Summary: Violence against women and girls is now a global issue. Presently about 1 billion women are faced with the threat of violence. In order to eliminate and prevent this behavior, the international community has adopted a series of measurements, such as setting up laws and policies, and ways of changing people's traditional views on gender norms. In this briefing, we will introduce the framework of laws and policies about violence against women and girls all over the world, and provide experiences from the international community for reference.
Keyword: international community, violence against women and girls, violence, law and policy, experience
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