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Title: To Prevent Sexual Harassment at COSCO and GE China
Category: Research Info Briefing
Author / editor: Information Center of Women's Studies Institute of
Issue / time: Issue No.8, 2013 (Total Issue No.138)
Source: Women's Studies Institute of China
Summary: Sexual harassment, especially when it occurs in the workplace, has become a hot issue globally, and is attracting greater attention and concern from China's Government and the public at large. Victims of sexual harassment in the workplace are usually women. This behavior not only seriously violates the victims' personal rights, but also affects their career development. Since 2006, some enterprises have been exploring internal mechanisms they can put in place to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, which is setting a great example for other companies. In this brief, we will provide information about the successful experiences and methods employed by COSCO and GE China for your reference.
Keyword: COSCO, GE China, sexual harassment, prevention of sexual harassment, policy, processing mechanism
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