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Title: Some of the Major Elements and Enlightenment of National Family Policy
Category: Research Info Briefing
Author / editor: Information Center of WSIC
Issue / time: Issue No.8, 2013 (Total No.139)
Source: WSIC
Summary: Families are the cells of society and have a very important place in people's lives. Family harmony is not only about everyone's individual happiness, but also about social civilization and the prosperity of the country. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of the construct of family during a conversation with the new leadership of the ACWF. The 12th five-year plan for population development clearly put forward requirements for "establishing and perfecting the policy system to improve the ability of family development". The ACWF will further deepen family work as one of the key tasks for the implementation of the 11th NPC of Chinese women. This illustrates the necessity to perfect family policy in order to build socialism with Chinese characteristics in a moderately prosperous society. To "comprehensively deepen reform" we must study the status of family, changes in family situations during the reform and opening up, and combine relevant international experience with our national conditions to draw up perfect family policies. This bulletin introduces the main contents of family policy in other countries and provides reference for further study and decision-making.
Keyword: family policy, international experience, main content
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