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Title: Regulations and Enlightenment about Divorce from Abroad
Category: Research Info Briefing
Author / editor: Information Center of WSIC
Issue / time: Issue No. 3, 2014
Source: Information Center of Women's Studies Institute of
Summary: Family, as a part of the society, not only relates to people's individual life, but also concerns the stability and development of the whole society. After President Xi Jinping talked about the importance of a harmonious family with the new session leaders of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), the further deepening of the family construction has been set as one of the most significant projects to benefit women in the new era. With an increasingly rising divorce rate, as well as the relaxation of the conditions for divorce, divorce seems more casual than ever, which has been brought into a sharp focus by society. There is important significance in studying divorce, especially the regulations related to divorce, which play a key role in improving the relative laws and policies, maintaining the stability of marriage and family, and protecting the rights of women and children. This study analyzes divorce regulations from other countries for reference to researchers and decision makers.
Keyword: Divorce, family, marriage, foreign country, China
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