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Title: Introduction to 'The Power of Parity: How Advancing Women's Equality Can Add U.S. $12 Trillion to Global Growth'
Category: Research Info Briefing
Author / editor: Women's Studies Institute of China
Issue / time: Issue No.2, 2016 (Total Issue No. 155)
Summary: The report, 'The Power of Parity: How Advancing Women's Equality Can Add U.S.$12 Trillion to Global Growth' was released by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) in September 2015. According to the report, MGI has established a strong link between gender equality in society, attitudes and beliefs about the role of women, and gender equality in work. The latter is not achievable without the former two elements. Narrowing the global gender gap will not only have a positive influence on the international community, but could add as much as U.S. $12 Trillion to the growth of global GDP. At the same time, the report also listed 75 interventions and over 150 cases with a view to closing the gender gap and promoting gender equality. For reference, the briefing will mainly focus on the key research contents and findings, as well as measures of promoting gender equality.
Keyword: gender equality, McKinsey Global Institute, MGI, women, gender gap, GDP
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