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Title: The Release of the 2016 Research Project Guide Ushers in New Opportunity for Women's and Gender Studies
Category: Research Info Briefing
Author / editor: Women's Studies Institute of China
Issue / time: Issue No. 7, 2015 (Total Issue No. 153)
Summary: The 2016 National Social Science Fund Project Guide, approved by the country's philosophy and social science planning and leading group, was released on December 15, 2015, with the project application valid until March 1, 2016. Of the 23 subjects in the guide, there are 17 topics in ten subjects directly related to women's and gender studies, including Marxism-Leninism and social sciences, history and construction of the Communist Party of China (CPC), applied economics, politics, jurisprudence, sociology, demography, Chinese literature, journalism and communication studies, and physical education. Moreover, there are other 77 topics in 15 subjects indirectly related to women's and gender studies. In addition, there are still a lot of topics relevant to the studies from a gender perspective, people who interested in the project application can choose their topics based on their own research bases and personal hobbies. This year, the scope of topics listed on the guide is much broader, bringing opportunities and challenges for women's and gender studies, whilst at the same time, reflecting the spirit of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Plenary Sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee. The organizer encouraged more experts and scholars to participate in the project.
Keyword: National Social Science Fund Project, project guide, women's studies, 2016
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