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Strengthening Gender Mainstreaming Capacity Training Course
Project Name: Strengthening Gender Mainstreaming Capacity Training Course
Project level: International project
Start time: July 2005
End time: 2008
Project Leader:
Name Position or title Unit
Liu Bohong deputy director, researcher WSIC
Project team members:
Name Unit 职务或职称
Cai Yiping WSIC deputy researcher
Li Yani WSIC intern researcher
Main content: The Fourth World Women’s Conference identified gender mainstreaming as a global strategy to promote gender equality. The Chinese government has made its pledge in this vein. Then Chinese President Jiang Zemin declared at the opening ceremony of the conference in 1995 that gender equality would be one of China’s basic national policies. China was one of the 49 countries to make a pledge of commitment to gender mainstreaming. But gender equality in China still faces great challenges. As an important medium for promoting gender equality, the ACWF has exerted an irreplaceable role in China in promoting gender equality and women’s involvement in the development and protection of women and children’s rights. To further implement the basic national policy of gender equality and explore gender mainstreaming channels that have Chinese characteristics, it is important to heighten gender mainstreaming among ACWF high and middle level leaders.

The project is sponsored by China Social Gender Research and Publication Fund. Its main purpose is to promote gender equality in the decision-making of ACWF high and middle level leaders and to elevate their thinking from WID (Women in development) to GAD (Gender and Development). The immediate goal is to raise the gender awareness of high and middle level leaders and increase their social gender decision-making capacity to promote the transformation of the ACWF development strategy and working mode.
Results of the project:
Name Author Results form Press publication name or time Notes
Strengthening Gender Mainstreaming Capacity: Training Manual Project group Teaching material April 2008
Main activities:

June 2005 Initiation of the project and founding of the project coordinating group and project office

December 7-8, 2005 ‘Incorporating gender equality into media decision-making’ training courses

March 21-22, 2006 ‘Incorporating gender equality into education decision–making’ training courses attended by more than 30 ACWF leaders and cadres

July 31, 2007 Expert workshop on the ‘Incorporating gender equality into decision-making mainstreaming’ training manual

September 3-4, 2007 Advanced training courses on incorporating gender-equality into decision-making for more than 30 bureau-level cadres from central government organs and 24 state departments

August 2008 Compilation and printing of the ‘Strengthening Gender Mainstreaming Capacity’ training manual

2008 Appraisal completed; commendation of the project by the China Social Gender Research and Publication Fund and invitation to pass on experiences
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