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Women's Theoretical Research into Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
Project Name: Women's Theoretical Research into Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
Project level: The key project of the WSIC
Start time: 2011
End time: 2014
Project Leader:
Name Position or title Unit
Peng Peiyun former deputy chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress and the honorary president of All-China Women's Federation All-China Women's Federation
Project team members:
Name Unit 职务或职称
Zhen Yan All-China Women's Federation
Zhang Zuying Marxism Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Researcher
Xu Weixin Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC Professor
Tong Hua Marxism Institute of Peking University Professor
Han He'nan Women's Studies of China Women's University Professor
Tan Lin Women's Studies Institute of China Professor
Main content: This project consists of five areas, covering theoretical sources, developmental stages, fundamental approaches, basic conditions and the main power of women's movements.

1. Theoretical Sources. There are three aspects included in women's liberation theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The first is Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought as well as women's liberation theories, in which Mao Zedong's theories of women's liberation are the most important part. The second involves the summary of the practical experiences of China's women's movements in the new era. And third are the theories behind contemporary international women's movements and their successful experiences in practical developments.
2. Goals and missions of women's liberation and development in the primary stage of socialism. The goals of women's liberation can be divided into final and process goals, which are influenced by social politics, economics, various cultures and their main levels of development. The missions of women's movements will adapt to the development stages of women's movements accordingly, as well as the general goals and missions of Chinese people's liberation and development.
3. Fundamental approaches to women's liberation and development. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is the only route of women's liberation and development. Historically, the socialist revolution is the choice of Chinese women's real liberation. Realistically, socialist modernization construction meets the actual needs of women's development. Taking the road of women's liberation with Chinese characteristics requires us to adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China. It also demands we push forward women's development in the process of fully participating in society.
4. Basic conditions of women's liberation and development. In order to realize women's liberation, we should equip ourselves with a series of subjective and objective conditions. These subjective conditions mean women's awakening and men's involvement and support for women's movements. Objective conditions mainly cover social economic development, legal system construction, literacy education, social security and so on.
5. Main power of women's liberation and development. Women's liberation and gender equality are not just about women, but also need to involve men. From the point of view of the differing social status of men and women, we can see historically women are still the basic power of women's movements. Therefore, we should strengthen the construction of women's organizations and play significant roles in order to develop women's resources. Further, we should enhance cooperation with women in other countries so as to promote together the progress of international women's movements.
Results of the project:
Name Author Results form Press publication name or time Notes
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