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Study of Women's Career Changes in the Process of Social Transition in Contemporary China
Project Name: Study of Women's Career Changes in the Process of Social Transition in Contemporary China
Project level: The National Social Science Fund Project in 2004 (Project No. 04CSHO12)
Start time: 2004
End time: 2009
Project Leader:
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Main content: 1. Project Objective

--To examine women's career changes during the period of social transition under the theoretical framework of gender;

--Through an in-depth exploration of topics related to women's career changes, organizers expect to put women's issues in the spotlight of mainstreaming so as to better promote gender equality and realize the harmonious development of society.

2. Project Progress

--Analyzing the background, situations, influencing factors and rules of women's career changes.

--Proposing countermeasures and suggestions to promote women's career changes from a multi-dimensional perspective.

--Making an in-depth exploration of women's career changes in terms of social stratification, typical women's groups, and typical region-industry research.

--Considering gender differences in women's career changes.

--Reviewing and looking into the future.

3. Achievements

--Publishing 11 dissertations, of which 9 articles are published in core periodicals, while the other two articles are reproduced by the RUC (Renmin University of China) Newspapers in full text.

--Publishing a book, "The Study of Chinese Women's Career Changes in the Period of Transition". (Written by Jiang Meihua, the book is published by Tianjin People's Publishing House in January 2010.)

4. Values and Influences

The value of this research is embodied in the two-way interactive relationship between "career changes" and "social transition".

Organizers delve into women's career changes from the perspective of gender comparison, whilst at the same time, they interpret the situations, influencing factors and the rules of the changes, putting forward specific countermeasures to optimize the environment for women's career development.

The proposed approaches not only provide references for women to make career changes, but also provide a scientific basis for government decision-making, boosting the coordinative development of women's career changes and social transition.
Results of the project:
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