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Anti-Violence Against Women
Project Name: Anti-Violence Against Women
Project level: United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) and the National Hea
Start time: 2006
End time: 2010
Project Leader:
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Main content: 1.Project Background and Objective

In response to the diversity and complexity of violence against women, organizers have established two pilot areas to fight against gender-based violence.

Organizers expect to find an effective model with Chinese characteristics to fight violence against women so as to protect their legal rights and interests.

2.Project Progress

--Establishing two experimental areas. One is in Liu Yang City, central China's Hunan Province, and the other one is in Chengde County, north China's Hebei Province.

--Establishing a referral service mechanism across multiple agencies to fight violence against women and providing professional services for women who suffer the violence.

--Setting up a hotline for the cooperation of multiple agencies and a system of joint work meetings, whilst at the same time integrating the results of anti-violence against women into government performance assessment indicators.

--Providing professional training, communications and learning opportunities for staff in public security organs, civil affairs departments, and officials of the ACWF so as to raise the level of service providers.

--Organizing a “Symposium on Anti-Violence Against Women and Men's Participation” across the country and discussing theoretical research and interventions of topics, covering domestic violence against women, abductions and trafficking, sexual harassment, verbal and online violence. Combined with quantitative and qualitative methods, organizers carried out needs assessment and other surveys so as to analyze the percentage of women who suffer violence in pilot areas.

--Carrying out various forms of public advocacy so as to enhance awareness of gender equality and improve the ability to identify the essence of gender violence.


--Releasing China's first Resolution on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women in pilot areas.

--Issuing and implementing Opinion on Strengthening Personal Safety Protection of Violence Survivors.

--Publishing three books: Combating Violence Against Women in China: Research and Action; A Guide to Service and Referral for the ACWF to Help Women Who Suffer the Violence; and Manual of Aid Hotline for Violence Survivors.

--Establishing a government-led service system with the cooperation of multiple agencies to fight violence against women and providing comprehensive services to meet the needs of more than 1,000 women in pilot areas.

--Providing various forms of training classes and seminars for police and staff in relevant departments so as to improve their professional service levels.

--Improving the ACWF officials' capacity for project operation and enhancing the social influences of women's federations in local areas.

--Reducing the proportion of women who suffer violence in pilot areas.

4.Significance and Influence

--Expanding and deepening the research basis and social action of violence against women.

--Promoting the development of laws and policies on the violence against women and protecting women's legal rights and interests.

--Playing a leading role in fighting violence against women in China and providing native experience of anti-violence movements for the international community.
Results of the project:
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