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Theory and Practice of Anti-Gender Discrimination
Project Name: Theory and Practice of Anti-Gender Discrimination
Project level: George Washington University (U.S.), Ford Foundation (U.S.) and CLD Consultants (Beijing)
Start time: 2006
End time: 2011
Project Leader:
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Main content: 1.Objective

--To publicize anti-gender discrimination.

--To promote the development of the curriculum "Gender and Law" in schools of law across the country.

--To cultivate a group of teachers who specialize in gender and law.

2.Project Progress

--Under the support of George Washington University and CLD Consultants (Beijing), the School of Law at Wuhan University held a training and exchange activity of the curriculum "Gender and Law" from March 13-15, 2009. Many foreign professors with teaching experience of the "Gender and Law" course were also invited to give lectures for teachers from China's colleges of law.

--China's first textbook "Gender and Law" has been completed.

--The curriculum of "Gender and Law" has been promoted to more institutions of higher learning nationwide.

--More law students have received gender education before they engage in the practice of law.

--The teaching activities of "Gender and Law" become more systematic and mainstreamed.

--The teaching activities also realize the objective of integrating gender education into education mainstreaming in colleges of law.


--Publishing three books: Investigation Report on the Status of Gender Equality in China, published by China Social Sciences Press in 2008; Legal Protection of Gender Equality, published by China Social Sciences Press in 2009; and a textbook, Gender and Law, published by China University of Political Sciences and Law Press in 2012.

4.Significance and Influence

This project mainly discussed general theory, solution mechanisms and practice of anti-gender discrimination across the country.

Through a series of seminars and training classes on gender and law, the project has achieved its objectives successfully.
Results of the project:
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