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Network of Women's / Gender Studies
Project Name: Network of Women's / Gender Studies
Project level: Sponsored by the Ford Foundation based in the U.S.
Start time: 2006
End time: 2011
Project Leader:
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Project team members:
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Main content: 1 Project Objectives

--To establish a platform for professionals related to women's and gender studies, including teachers, researchers and activists, to communicate, cooperate and share resources through demographic participation and management.

--To set up a new mechanism of knowledge production, communication, accumulation and inheritance.

--To promote women's development and gender equality through knowledge and action, with a view to pushing forward social harmony and development.

2 Project Process

At present, the Network of Women's / Gender Studies has become the most influential and active non-governmental organization in this field across the country.

3 Achievements

Achievements include:

--Charters, job objectives and important contents have been set up through the establishment of a general assembly, with each performing its own functions, fundamentally realizing democratic participation and effective management for the organization.

--‘Action-Research-Teaching' courses have been carried out, setting up a new mechanism of knowledge production, communication, accumulation and inheritance.

--The project has also set up 22 sub-networks, including ten subject networks and 12 regional networks. The network has covered 29 provinces and municipalities across the country.

--The network has attracted 2,667 members, of which there are 279 individual members and 30 group members, as well as 1,300 website registered members.

--The network has developed 22 courses, recommended 34 courses, and published 9 textbooks and teaching references. At the same time, the project also provides free teaching programs, course materials, and relevant research papers for members.

--An official website ( has been established.

4 Significance and Influence

The project actively carried out a series of teachings, research and actions in the course of women's and gender studies, while advocating for cross-disciplinary research. Through reviewing gender power relationships, organizers attached great importance to the survival and development of local women and emphasized the respect, communication and cooperation between men and women, so as to promote the development of a socialist, harmonious society.

The establishment of the Network of Women's / Gender Studies is not only to promote the development of a new course, but also to set up a new organization, as well as a new gender concept and democratic concept in education and the academic research field.
Results of the project:
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