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Feasibility Study on the Establishment of Gender Equality Supervisory and Advisory Organization in Shanghai
Project Name: Feasibility Study on the Establishment of Gender Equality Supervisory and Advisory Organization in Shanghai
Project level: This project was funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and was a
Start time: March 2004
End time: June 2009
Project Leader:
Name Position or title Unit
Project team members:
Name Unit 职务或职称
Main content: Members: Xu Xiaoyin, Chen Liang, Chen Xiaomin, Zhang Ling, Zhou Zehong, Zheng Guizhen, Geng Wenxiu and Bao Zonghao.

Main Contents:

1.Research Objective:

--To establish a non-profit service agency to supervise equal employment between men and women in Shanghai, which should be recognized by local authorities.

--To help vulnerable women maintain their rights and interests in the process of employment.

--To promote the implementation of relative laws and regulations in China.

2.Project Progress

With the theme of "equal employment, women's development and harmonious society", the group members carried out a series of research on the feasibility and operability of the establishment of the gender equality supervisory and advisory organization in Shanghai, providing theoretical and policy support for local authorities.


--Report on the Feasibility of the Establishment of an Equal Employment Supervisory and Advisory Organization in Shanghai has been completed.

--The research achievement has provided policy advisory for local government and relative departments.

-- The project has been formally listed on the 12th Five-Year Plan of Shanghai municipal government.

4.Significance and Influence

The project puts forward the feasibility of the establishment of the equal employment supervisory and advisory organization in China, filling a gap in history. Meanwhile, it is also of practical significance to help local government guarantee women's legal rights and interests.

In addition, this project provides a practical operational plan for the government to promote the cause of gender equality.
Results of the project:
Name Author Results form Press publication name or time Notes
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