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Integrating Gender Mainstreaming into Villager Autonomy
Project Name: Integrating Gender Mainstreaming into Villager Autonomy
Project level: United Nations Development Fund for Women
Start time: May 2006
End time: December 2008
Project Leader:
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Project team members:
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Main content: Project Team: This project was conducted by the Center for Rural Women's Studies of the Institute of China Rural Studies at Central China Normal University. Guangshui Women's Federation also took part in the project.

Main Contents:

1.Project Objectives:

Short-Term Objectives:

-To improve gender consciousness of officials at the levels of villages and towns.

-To enhance rural women's degree of organization.

-To call on more women to participate in village-level core departments.

Long-Term Objectives:

-To increase the proportion of rural women in villagers' committees.

-To strengthen rural women's abilities of villager autonomy.

-To improve the environment of rural women participating in villager autonomy.

2.Project Progress and Achievements

-The project has collected experiences of rural women's participation in politics in the international community, as well as several models of promoting Chinese women to take part in villager autonomy, and put forward a strategy pattern in line with local development.

-The quota was over subscribed: the percentage of rural women participating in villagers' committees has reached 100 percent and the proportion of women occupying important positions in village Party committees and villagers' committees has increased to 10 percent.

-The government has enacted a series of policies and measures to encourage women's participation in politics. Moreover, the government also increased funding for rural women.

-Eight articles are published in the core journals and one book is completed.

3.Project Significance and Influence

The project has provided a reference for the promotion of women's empowerment.


-How to improve the ability of women's participation in villager autonomy?

-How to achieve equal participation between men and women?

-How to prevent the decline of the proportion of women's participation in villager autonomy at the end of the project.
Results of the project:
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