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Promoting the Construction of Organizational Capacity for Rural Women and Women's Congress
Project Name: Promoting the Construction of Organizational Capacity for Rural Women and Women's Congress
Project level: This project was financed by the Ford Foundation based in the United States.
Start time: March 2008
End time: December 2008
Project Leader:
Name Position or title Unit
Project team members:
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Main content: Project Leader: Guo Li

Members: Meng Guangyu, Deng Hong, Xin Yuan, etc.

Main Contents:

1.Research Objective

-- The project was designed to raise the consciousness of gender equality for grassroots communities and promote the organizational capacity of women's congress in rural China.

-- Through the election of the pilot village, organizers tried to increase the proportion of women candidates in village committees.

-- Organizers also expected to enhance the capacity of women's participation in politics, as well as their consciousness of gender equality.

2.Project Progress

-- A series of social factors have been considered in project investigation, including differences and underlying reasons between men and women in the intention to participate in the election, traditional gender culture in the positioning of rural women, gender differences in political capital and other related limitations of the society.

-- Through the baseline survey and gender needs assessment, organizers got a clear picture of villagers' opinions towards women's participation in politics, as well as difficulties, barriers and requirements for rural women to take part in the election.

-- Organizers established a new operating and evaluation mechanism involving professionals, grassroots officials, members of grassroots women's federations and women villagers so as to create an environment where men support women's participation in politics.

3.Project Achievements

-- A Report on Gender Needs Assessment and a Survey Report on the Status of Men's Participation in Grassroots Women's Political Election, and a general report of the project have been completed.

-- A Manual for Rural Women's Participation in Women's Congress and Village Committee has been published.

-- The network of key members in the local women's congress has been established.

-- The demonstration plot has been established in the pilot village.

This project was also highly valued and supported by Heilongjiang Provincial Women's Federation, and has been promoted in 13 cities across the province.

4.Project Significance and Influence

In this project, the capacity of women's participation in politics has been promoted. Organizers, on the one hand, integrated the measures of promoting women's participation in the election policies and documents. On the other hand, they also carried out a series of training classes for local women. Data showed that the proportion of female members in the village committee this year has increased by 0.8 percent compared to the rate of the previous session, and female officials have reached 3.1 percent, an increase of 2.14 percent higher than last term.

The project also promoted rural men's participation in the practice of gender equality.
Results of the project:
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