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2012 Chinese Women's Research Annual Conference Symposium on Gender Equality and Socialist Cultural Development and Prosperity
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2012-3-28
Title: 2012 Chinese Women's Research Annual Conference Symposium on Gender Equality and Socialist Cultural Development and Prosperity
Keyword: Chinese Women's Research, annual conference, gender equality, socialist culture, symposium, essay notice

To promote vigorous development and prosperity of the socialist culture. We should seize the opportunity, on the basis of previous studies, further develop advanced gender culture research, through various channels, using a variety of ways, and actively advocate the basic national policy of gender equality and gender equality consciousness, promoting gender equality, gender harmony development as the main content of the construction of advanced gender culture. According to the annual work plan, Chinese Women Research plans as its 2012 annual meeting, the theme of “Gender Equality and Socialist Cultural Development and Prosperity Seminar”. Conference time is tentatively scheduled for late September, location to be determined.

In order to ensure the conference being proceeding smoothly, continuously improving Chinese Women’s Research annual conference’s quality, adhering to the principle of the conference, the essay matters are as follows:

One, the essay guide:
This seminar’s the main topic for:
1. gender and culture research;
2. the historical culture and gender studies;
3. gender culture in art, literature;
4. gender, culture and mass media;
5. gender, culture, and new media;
6. gender, cultural and legal policy;
7. the relationship between women’s development and culture construction of a powerful country;
8. the construction of advanced gender culture and the construction of advanced socialist culture; etc..

Two, the thesis requirements:
1. within the scope of above essay guide to identify specific topic;
2. the wordcount of each essay being 8,000 words or less;
3. at the betinning of each essay, an abstract of 500 words is to be provided;
4. document format required to see attachment;
5. submit papers by E-mail, and don't send typed paper manuscripts;
6. be sure the paper is in proper order also indicating the contact details (including phone number, address, zip code, E-mail), in order to contact.

Three, the deadline to submit papers:
The deadline for calls for papers is July 31, 2012 (mail to local postmark).

We hope that each director, expert, scholar, women workers and enthusiastic people from all walks of life actively participate in essay activities, within the above range of thesis topic selection; especially encouraging this notice listed in the focus of research to conduct an in-depth investigation. We hope that all group members’ timely notification is forwarded, seriously organized, and striven to take out convincing, high quality research papers and to submit them to Chinese Women's Research Office on time. We will invite the author to the meeting, according to the quality of the paper.

The composition and preparation for the annual contact:
Contact persons: Gao Qian, Li Haiyan
Contact telephone numbers: 010-65256630, 65103465, and 65103471

Fax number: 010-65256630
Address: Chinese Women Research Office of Woman Studies Institute of All-china Women’s Federation,  No. 15 Jianguomen Avenue, Beijing 100730
(Please indicate on the envelope cover “Annual Conference Essay”)

Chinese Women’s Research Office
March 20, 2012

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