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2013 Chinese Women's Research Annual Conference Symposium on Building a Well-off Society, and Gender Equality
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2013-2-28
Title: 2013 Chinese Women's Research Annual Conference Symposium on Building a Well-off Society, and Gender Equality
Keyword: 2013 Chinese Women's Research Annual Conference, Gender Equality

According to the annual work plan, Chinese Women's Research is planning the theme of "Building a Well-off Society, and Gender Equality" Seminar for its 2013 annual meeting. The conference is tentatively scheduled for late August, location to be announced.

In order to ensure the conference proceeds smoothly and continues to improve in its quality, adhering to the principles of the conference, essay subjects are:

One, essay guidelines:
Main topics:
1. Women/gender issues related to economic reform and development ;
2. Women/gender issues related to political democracy and reform;
3. Women/gender issues related to the construction of a harmonious society;
4. Women/gender issues related to construction of culture;
5. Women/gender issues related to the construction of an ecological civilization.

Two, thesis requirements:
1. Within the scope of the above essay guide to identify specific topics;
2. Word count for each essay, 8,000 words or less;
3. At the beginning of each essay, an abstract of 500 words is to be provided;
4. Document format required, see attachment;
5. Submit papers by email;
6. Ensure the paper is in proper order. Also provide contact details (including phone number, address, zip code, email), if it is necessary to contact the writer.

Three, deadline to submit papers:
The deadline for papers is June 30, 2013.

We hope directors, experts, scholars, women workers and enthusiastic people from all walks of life actively participate in essay activities, within the above range of thesis topic selection; especially encouraging as the focus of research the topics listed in this notice for in-depth investigation. We hope all group members forward well-organized notifications promptly, strive to supply convincing, high quality research papers and to submit them to Chinese Women's Research Office on time. We will invite the authors to the meeting, depending on the quality of the paper.

Composition and preparation contact persons: Gao Qian, Li Haiyan.
Contact telephone numbers: 010-65256630, 65103465, and 65103471

Chinese Women's Research Office
February 25, 2013

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