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NPC Deputy: Kidnapping Should Not Be Subject to a Limitation Period
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-3-30
Title: NPC Deputy: Kidnapping Should Not Be Subject to a Limitation Period
Keyword: National People's Congress, kidnap, subject, limitation


Zhang Baoyan (L) is interviewed before the start of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC), suggesting relief of individuals' medical burden and cancellation of imitations on actions in kidnapping cases. []


Relieving individuals' medical burden by increasing government-paid medical costs and canceling limitations on actions in kidnapping cases are proposals brought to the two sessions by Zhang Baoyan, a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress (NPC).

This is Zhang's first time to be selected as an NPC deputy. Being the founder and one of the volunteers of a website which helps kidnapped children return to their homes, Zhang is concerned both with helping families to reunite and public health, particularly children's.
Before the sessions, Zhang and her team did a survey on 530 families with members having serious diseases and prepared a data report.
According to her report, the average medical accosts payable by the families themselves reached 461,100 yuan (U.S. $ 72,697).
A total of 509 families among 530 had borrowed money for treatments; the highest loan was 2.5 million yuan (U.S. $ 390,000). Fourteen percent of them had borrowed more than a million yuan.
Three hundred and three families sold their cars or houses to pay for the medical care.
Furthermore, the average age of the patients was 13 and the youngest was only two months old. Child patients under 10 accounted for 60 percent and those aged between 10 and 18 made up 17 percent.
"According to the data, juveniles are the main patients having serious diseases, accounting for 77 percent, and some of them have been receiving treatment for 15 years," Zhang said.
The current regulation stipulates the highest medical payment that government offers but some medical treatments of serious diseases cost millions per year, which means there are still lots of people who cannot afford the expensive treatments.
In terms of kidnapping cases, Zhang affirmed the help given by police departments over the past few years.
"Our website has cooperated with the police station and they have offered us much help," Zhang said.
"The only suggestion I want to mention is the limitation on actions. Currently, the limitation on kidnapping cases is 20 years," Zhang explained.
"Some children were kidnapped when they were pretty young and could only return home when they grew up, which means their case had passed the limitation."
Zhang said some children can recognize the criminals and want to protect their own rights when they have the ability, but any action would be out of time.
"Kidnapping is a special crime. Kidnappers should assume legal responsibilities without time limitation. Therefore, I suggest to cancel limitation of action in kidnapping cases and never allow criminals of children to go unpunished," Zhang said.
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