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Suggestions on Eliminating Gender Discrimination in Recruitment
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-3-30
Title: Suggestions on Eliminating Gender Discrimination in Recruitment
Keyword: suggestions, eliminating, gender discrimination, recruitment

Women's equal access to employment opportunities is the prerequisite for giving full play to their role in the socialist modernization of China. It is also the basis for women to gain economic independence and achieve all-round development. The Party and state attach great importance to safeguarding women's equal rights and interests in employment.

Under such circumstances, it is of great significance to take more active measures to eliminate gender discrimination in recruitment; to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC); to promote women's synchronous development with economy and society; and, to exert women's role in socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics.
At present, gender discrimination is still prevalent in recruitment and employment. According to a survey, nearly half (49.1 percent) of employers pay attention to the gender and marriage status of applicants in their recruitment. Most job-seeking women are asked whether they have husbands or children. Some 17 percent are asked whether they have two children. Sometimes, even when local government departments and institutions recruit staff, men are given priority.
Gender discrimination increases the difficulty of finding a job for women; reduces employment opportunities for female workers; and, decrees the quality of employment. The employment rate for female college graduates in 2016 was lower than for previous years, and also lower than that of male college graduates in the same year, a survey indicated.
There are three main reasons for sex discrimination in recruitment.
Firstly, employers have a preference for male employees instead of female out of consideration of cost. Many employers believe that recruiting women will increase their costs due to childbearing. In particular, the cost of childbirth will further increase in the context of the implementation of the two-child policy.
Secondly, the supervision of gender discrimination in recruitment is not in place. Labor security supervision departments are unclear in its regulatory responsibilities related to gender discrimination, and administrative penalties are not included in the supervision of labor security on the national level.
A survey indicated that 45.3 percent of labor security supervisors think discriminatory behavior in recruitment does not belong to the scope of labor security supervision; 20.5 percent believe that labor security supervision departments have no right to carry out punishment of sex discrimination in employment; and, 21.3 percent said they do not deal with complaints of sex discrimination in recruitment and employment.
Thirdly, the legal aid channel of sex discrimination in recruitment is ineffective. Article 62 of China's Employment Promotion Law stipulates that in the case of employment discrimination in violation of the provisions of this Law, laborers may institute legal proceedings in People's Court, providing judicial remedies for women who encounter gender discrimination in employment.
Some women safeguard their equal employment rights through litigation, while most of the others choose to tolerate it as the cost is high but the punishment to employers is light.
To eliminate gender discrimination in recruitment and promote the equal employment of women, first, officials should encourage employers to recruit women workers equally; second, they should strengthen the supervision and punishment of gender discrimination in recruitment; and, finally, they should take "gender discrimination in recruitment" as an independent case.
(Women of China)
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