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New Work System Promotes Grassroots Women's Federation Reform in N Chinav
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-7-26
Title: New Work System Promotes Grassroots Women's Federation Reform in N Chinav
Keyword: New Work System, Grassroots Women's Federation, China

Officials from north China's Tianjin Women Federation has been visiting communities and federations at grassroots level since 2017 to better serve the public and grasp the direction of reform.

As of the official who was assigned to visit the grassroots, Miao Huimin, has been frequently updating her Moments on WeChat, a popular social media platform in China, during her investigations in selected spots.

"The investigation process in these selected spots also overthrew some of my own wishful thinking and idle theorizing," her colleague Wu Yun said.

According to the implementation plan for the reform of women's federations in Tianjin, the local women's federation implemented a system to assign officials to carry out investigations and surveys in grassroots women's organizations, which can be helpful for transforming working styles, maintaining and strengthening political and advanced abilities.

In 2017, the first batch of officials were dispatched to visit hundreds of communities.

Dai Yun, president of Tianjin Women's Federation, said: "During the working process with grassroots workers, officials can better understand people's focuses, resources at grassroots organizations and the innovation in their work."

"It can effectively promote their abilities to carry out mass work face to face. Meanwhile, officials in grassroots organizations can better handle the working requirements and reform directions, which is conducive to the overall effect of the women's federation system," Dai added.

Furthermore, there were five missions for these officials from the women's federation, which included promoting the reform of grassroots women's federations, understanding the real needs of women, tackling the problems of women at the grassroots level, promoting important work in the city and districts, and, developing advanced working experiences.

Wu Yun actually felt the spirit of striving for the same goal when she was working in Nankai District, which coincided with the crucial stage of the activity to build a nationally advanced clean and civilized city.

"Every task should be finished seriously and each party should never treat their work randomly," Wu added.

Miao Huimin said: "I have felt their passion and vitality during the process of meeting with the presidents of the women's federations and directors of the Party committees at community level over the month and a half."

(Source: and edited by Women of China)
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