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Statues of Women: Do Western Countries Show Gender Bias?
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-8-3
Title: Statues of Women: Do Western Countries Show Gender Bias?
Keyword: Statues of Women, Western Countries, Gender Bias

A widespread gender imbalance exists among public statues in Western countries such as Spain, the UK and the U.S., according to the latest media reports.

Could this really be the case? For example, statues in Barcelona, Spain are widely scattered across the most important places in the city.

However, "There are only 14 female statues in the city, whilst the number of male statues amount to 168," said Maria Isabel Gascon, director of a female historical investigation group.

"Furthermore, several of the 14 female statues are fictional characters that don't have names. Famous female Spanish writer Merce Rodoreda and singer Lagueur Mailer are not among the statues, either," added Gascon.

Meanwhile, Gascon said the lack of female statues indicates that women lack social acknowledgement in history, unless they are nuns, queens or queen consorts.

"Such kinds of historical absence would be improved if the names of those women who are worthy of recognition are found," Gascon analyzed.

Similarly, only 158 of the 925 statues in the UK are female, according to statistics released by UK's Public Monument and Sculpture Association.

Moreover, among the 158 female statues, some 19 statues are of Queen Victoria, and 14 depict either the Virgin Mary or characters from myths and fables.

In the U.S, the situation is the same, according to other researchers.

Among the 5,193 public statues representing the U.S's historical figures, only 394 of them are female including the famous Statue of Liberty, which depicts a fictional character, in New York.

"We need to change such a situation by giving women the attention they deserve. Only when everybody play a part can we achieve success," concluded Gascon.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)
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