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Women, Children's Think Tank Established in E China
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-8-7
Title: Women, Children's Think Tank Established in E China
Keyword: Women, Children,Think Tank

A forum to discuss the establishment of a special think tank for women and children took place in Ji'nan, east China's Shandong Province, on July 5, attracting the participation of some 60 specialists and scholars.

The attendees, all of whom received the letters of appointments to the think tank, came from different working backgrounds such as healthcare, primary education, entrepreneurship and employment.

According to Zhang Hui, president of Shandong Women's Federation and deputy director of Shandong Women and Children's Working Committee, the establishment of such a think tank can unite social forces to promote the development of women and children's affairs, provide a way to solve the key and difficult problems, and promote the advancement of women and children.

The management of the think tank is subject to an appointment system for experts on a three-year term, Zhang added.

All members must demonstrate a high political awareness, theoretical level and professionalism in addition to their fine academic attainments.

Meanwhile, they should be familiar with laws, regulations and policies concerning the work of women and children, have knowledge of relevant situation and the development of women and children's work both at home and abroad, and, have practical experience and research achievements in this field.

The think tank was divided into several groups on issues including: women and children's health; women and children's legal protection; and, women and the economy.

Meanwhile, each group is set to be led by 5 to 7 well-known experts who will provide advice and professional demonstrations on the formulation and revision of relevant laws, regulations and policies within the province.

The experts will also conduct research on key issues concerning women and children's development, and provide training, professional support, guidance, supervision, monitoring and evaluation for local women and children's projects at all levels.

Tang Binyao, an associate professor at Ji'nan University in Shandong, was elected as a member of the think tank.

"Members of the think tank should establish research and training service bases, open training courses and hold seminars to develop women and children's work, and summarize the work routine to provide a basis for formulating regulations and policies," concluded Tang.

(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)
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