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WSIC Leaders

Director: Dr. Tan Lin, professor, PhD supervisor. Main research areas include gender and development, women's population studies, gender and social policies.

Tel: 010-65103460
Fax: 010-85116305

Deputy Director: Liu Bohong, researcher. Main research areas include women and gender studies.

Tel: 010-65103473
Fax: 010-65225393

Deputy Director: Bai Mei, responsible for administration work. Also Party branch secretary.

Tel: 010-65103461
Fax: 010-65225393

The WSIC has eight departments including the General Office, Research Affairs Office, Information Center, Women's Theory Studies Section, Women's History Studies Section, Policy and Law Studies Section, International Women's Studies Section and Collection of Women's Studies Editorial Department.
In charge of administration, human resources, finance, archive management and logistics service.

Deputy Head: Ji Zhongyun

Staff: Wei Huiqian (economist), Li Haiyan (senior social worker), Xu Guoping (administrative assistant), Zhang Zhaotian (driver)

Tel: 010-65252539

Fax: 010-65225396

In charge of scientific research project management, academic exchanges, research training, studies cooperation and promoting research results transformations.

Deputy Head: Wu Jing

Staff: Li Yani (assistant researcher), Gao Qian (assistant interpeter)

Tel: 010-85116304

Fax: 010-85116304
In charge of management and exchanges of women's studies information and providing corresponding information service.

Head: He Yanrong

Staff: Li Xianling (assistant researcher), Yan Chengmei (information assistant)

Tel: 010-65103470

Fax: 010-85112147
Work comprises conducting studies on basic theoretical issues of women's liberation and development, building socialist women's theory system with Chinese characteristics, and providing theoretical support for the practice of women's development.

Head: Ding Juan (researcher)

Staff: Ma Yan (associate researcher), Huang Guixia (assistant researcher), Dr Li Wen

Tel: 010-65103466

Fax: 010-65225392

Main Projects:

1. 1994-1995, UN 4th World Conference on Women NGO Forum: Women's Studies in China

2. 1994-1998, Women's Issues in China's Socialist Modernization, a key National Social Science Fund project

3. 2001-2004, Studies on Women's Liberation Theory under Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, a specially commissioned National Social Science Fund project

4. 2004, China-Australia Cooperation Project--Integrating Gender and Development into the Qinghai Forestry Resources Management Project

Main Books:

Marxist Views on Women series

Mao Zedong's Thoughts on Women

Introduction to Women's Political Participation

Marriage and Family Studies

Women's Work in Market Economy

Studies on Chinese Women's Development

Studies on Women's Theory with Chinese Characteristics

Tel: 010-65103466

Fax: 010-65225396

Work comprises conducting studies on Chinese women's history and culture, exploring the historical laws and characteristics of Chinese women's movements, providing historical experience for the contemporary women's movement and its development.

Head: Xiao Yang (researcher)

Staff: Ni Ting (assistant researcher), Shi Xin (assistant researcher), Fan Hongxia (assistant researcher), Zhou Lei (intern), Hu Hao (subject assistant)

Tel: 010-65103467

Fax: 010-85112138
Work comprises conducting studies on law and social policy and empirical studies related to gender equality and women's development that provides bases and suggestions for national policy-making and decision-making on women's issues.

Head: Jiang Yongping (researcher)

Staff Members: He Jianhua (associate researcher), Jia Yunzhu (assistant researcher), Yang Yujing (assistant researcher), Dr Yang Hui

Tel: 010-65103469

Fax: 010-65274078


Main Work:
Focusing on major, topical and difficult problems related to gender equality and women's survival, development and social involvement during economic reform and social structure transition. The Policy and Law Studies section is mainly engaged in the following work:
Conducting studies on gender equality/inequality and women's issues
Propelling studies on policy, law and regulation that promote gender equality and women's development in various fields
Undertaking research programs on gender equality and women's development which relevant government departments and legislative bodies have raised, participating in investigation activities related to the formulation and revision of relevant laws, regulations and policies, providing bases for decision-making on women’s development and women's work.
Undertaking domestic and international research programs on gender issues, carrying out exchanges and cooperation with relevant departments and research institutions.
Undertaking academic exchanges, trainings and other tasks assigned by the WSIC and ACWF.
Ongoing Research Programs (Projects):
Studies and application of gender equality and women's development indicators in building a well-off society;
Gender analysis of business support policies;
The 4th World Conference on Women, rise of Chinese women’s social organizations and transition of women's affairs governance;
Studies of social policy on supporting elderly women in urban China
Study Results:
Gender Statistics in China 1990-1995, China Statistics Press, 1997
Almanac of Chinese Women's Studies (1991-1995)
Fifty Years of Chinese Women, China Women’s Publishing House, 1999
Chinese Women’s Social Status at the Turn of the Century, China Women's Publishing House, 2003
Women and Men in China--Facts and Statistics (2004), China Statistics Press, 2004
Studies on Chinese Women’s Social Status in Social Transition, (in cooperation with the Population and Social Sciences Division under the National Bureau of Statistics of China) China Women’s Publishing House, to be published
Translating international literature on women's studies, making comparative studies of Chinese and foreign women, providing experience for domestic women's studies and development and promoting international exchanges and cooperation.

Head: Du Jie (associate researcher)

Staff: Zhang Yongying (associate researcher), Ma Dongling (assistant researcher)

Tel: 010-65103468

Work comprises editing, publishing and distributing Collection of Women's Studies.
Director and Deputy-Chief-Editor: Jiang Xiuhua (researcher)

Staff: Bi Ruixin (assistant researcher), Shi Kailing (editor), Wang Qinghong (editor)

Tel: 010-65103472

Fax: 010-65258990


Work Responsibilities:
Editing and distributing Collection of Women's Studies;
Selecting topics, soliciting contributions, editing, proofreading and publishing;
Ensuring the journal’s academic publishing quality;
Carrying out topic-related research activities to expand information sources;
Hosting activities to promote the publications' economic benefits;
Attracting more part-time editors and veteran writers;
Undertaking other WSIC-assigned works.
Over the past 10 years, the Collection of Women's Studies has consistently followed Party press and publication policy and the correct political direction, sticking to the path of combining theory, creativity and practicality. With the support of ACWF leaders, scholars, experts, authors, readers and practitioners and the joint efforts of editorial colleagues, the journal has played a significant role in propelling studies of women's theory with Chinese characteristics, promoting development of women's studies and guiding the Chinese women's movement.
The journal's distinct style, academic quality, innovative research methods and insight promote its influence within academic circles and among women. It is hence domestically and internationally acknowledged as an indispensable publication and medium of academic communication for women studies scholars and an authoritative theoretical journal.
To expand the journal's impact on domestic and foreign academia, adapt to the changing trends of today's academic journals and propel women's studies into the academic and decision-making mainstream we hope to cooperate with domestic and foreign scholars, experts and practitioners in jointly promoting women's studies.
WSIC Academic Committee Members
Tan Lin (Director, Professor, PhD supervisor), Liu Bohong (Deputy Director, Researcher)
Ding Juan (Head, Researcher), Jiang Yongping (Head, Researcher)
Xiao Yang (Head, Researcher), Jiang Xiuhua (Head, Researcher)
Du Jie (Head, Associate Researcher)

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