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Collection of Women's Studies Editorial Department

Work comprises editing, publishing and distributing Collection of Women's Studies.
Director and Deputy-Chief-Editor: Jiang Xiuhua (researcher)

Staff: Bi Ruixin (assistant researcher), Shi Kailing (editor), Wang Qinghong (editor)

Tel: 010-65103472

Fax: 010-65258990


Work Responsibilities:
Editing and distributing Collection of Women's Studies;
Selecting topics, soliciting contributions, editing, proofreading and publishing;
Ensuring the journal’s academic publishing quality;
Carrying out topic-related research activities to expand information sources;
Hosting activities to promote the publications' economic benefits;
Attracting more part-time editors and veteran writers;
Undertaking other WSIC-assigned works.
Over the past 10 years, the Collection of Women's Studies has consistently followed Party press and publication policy and the correct political direction, sticking to the path of combining theory, creativity and practicality. With the support of ACWF leaders, scholars, experts, authors, readers and practitioners and the joint efforts of editorial colleagues, the journal has played a significant role in propelling studies of women's theory with Chinese characteristics, promoting development of women's studies and guiding the Chinese women's movement.
The journal's distinct style, academic quality, innovative research methods and insight promote its influence within academic circles and among women. It is hence domestically and internationally acknowledged as an indispensable publication and medium of academic communication for women studies scholars and an authoritative theoretical journal.
To expand the journal's impact on domestic and foreign academia, adapt to the changing trends of today's academic journals and propel women's studies into the academic and decision-making mainstream we hope to cooperate with domestic and foreign scholars, experts and practitioners in jointly promoting women's studies.

Tel:010-65103472 65258990
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