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Policy and Law Studies Section

Work comprises conducting studies on law and social policy and empirical studies related to gender equality and women's development that provides bases and suggestions for national policy-making and decision-making on women's issues.

Head: Jiang Yongping (researcher)

Staff Members: He Jianhua (associate researcher), Jia Yunzhu (assistant researcher), Yang Yujing (assistant researcher), Dr Yang Hui

Tel: 010-65103469

Fax: 010-65274078


Main Work:
Focusing on major, topical and difficult problems related to gender equality and women's survival, development and social involvement during economic reform and social structure transition. The Policy and Law Studies section is mainly engaged in the following work:
Conducting studies on gender equality/inequality and women's issues
Propelling studies on policy, law and regulation that promote gender equality and women's development in various fields
Undertaking research programs on gender equality and women's development which relevant government departments and legislative bodies have raised, participating in investigation activities related to the formulation and revision of relevant laws, regulations and policies, providing bases for decision-making on women’s development and women's work.
Undertaking domestic and international research programs on gender issues, carrying out exchanges and cooperation with relevant departments and research institutions.
Undertaking academic exchanges, trainings and other tasks assigned by the WSIC and ACWF.
Ongoing Research Programs (Projects):
Studies and application of gender equality and women's development indicators in building a well-off society;
Gender analysis of business support policies;
The 4th World Conference on Women, rise of Chinese women’s social organizations and transition of women's affairs governance;
Studies of social policy on supporting elderly women in urban China
Study Results:
Gender Statistics in China 1990-1995, China Statistics Press, 1997
Almanac of Chinese Women's Studies (1991-1995)
Fifty Years of Chinese Women, China Women’s Publishing House, 1999
Chinese Women’s Social Status at the Turn of the Century, China Women's Publishing House, 2003
Women and Men in China--Facts and Statistics (2004), China Statistics Press, 2004
Studies on Chinese Women’s Social Status in Social Transition, (in cooperation with the Population and Social Sciences Division under the National Bureau of Statistics of China) China Women’s Publishing House, to be published
Tel:010-65103469 65274078
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