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Women's Theory Studies Section

Work comprises conducting studies on basic theoretical issues of women's liberation and development, building socialist women's theory system with Chinese characteristics, and providing theoretical support for the practice of women's development.

Head: Ding Juan (researcher)

Staff: Ma Yan (associate researcher), Huang Guixia (assistant researcher), Dr Li Wen

Tel: 010-65103466

Fax: 010-65225392

Main Projects:

1. 1994-1995, UN 4th World Conference on Women NGO Forum: Women's Studies in China

2. 1994-1998, Women's Issues in China's Socialist Modernization, a key National Social Science Fund project

3. 2001-2004, Studies on Women's Liberation Theory under Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, a specially commissioned National Social Science Fund project

4. 2004, China-Australia Cooperation Project--Integrating Gender and Development into the Qinghai Forestry Resources Management Project

Main Books:

Marxist Views on Women series

Mao Zedong's Thoughts on Women

Introduction to Women's Political Participation

Marriage and Family Studies

Women's Work in Market Economy

Studies on Chinese Women's Development

Studies on Women's Theory with Chinese Characteristics

Tel: 010-65103466

Fax: 010-65225396


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