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书名: Exploration of Socialist Women's Theory with Chinese Characteristics
Author: Tan Lin, Ding Juan
Press: China Women Publishing House
Publication date: 2004
Vector form items: 290,000 Chinese characters
Series Name:
Keywords: Chinese characteristics; socialism; women's theory
This book comprises results of research under the topic Exploration of Socialist Women's Theory with Chinese Characteristics, commissioned by the National Social Science Fund, and consists of a main topic and 22 off-shoots. The Women's Studies Institute of China theory workshop took charge of the main subject and the offshoot subjects proceeded as open bids throughout China.

The book researches and explores the framework of socialist women's theory with Chinese characteristics. It is in seven chapters: the first chapter examines connotations of women's liberation and equality between women and men; the second examines research into national policies on women's liberation and on promoting gender equality; the third chapter is on women and socialist material civilization; the fourth is on women and socialist political civilization; the fifth is on women and socialist spiritual civilization; the sixth is on women's quality and development; and the seventh chapter expresses thoughts on women's organizations and women's work.

The book was named fourth National Outstanding Women's Reading and carries the recommendation of the ACWF.
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