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书名: Book Series on the Theory and Practice of Anti-Domestic Violence
Author: China Law Society Net against Domestic Violence
Press: China Social Sciences Press
Publication date: 2003-2004
Vector form items: 15 series
Series Name:
The book Series on the Theory and Practice of Anti-Domestic Violence is the result of the Anti-Domestic Violence Against Women Strategy and Intervention project by the China Law Society, with Chen Mingxia as appointed director of the editorial committee.

Books in the series include:
Anti-Domestic Violence Against Women: Theory and Practice in China, chief editors Rong Weiyi and Song Meiya, 2002, 303,000 Chinese characters. This compilation of academic papers on symposiums in China in 2001 on anti-domestic violence includes the working processes of the project and the domestic violence theories of net members within and outside Beijing. It includes also research data on surveys and intervention strategies.

Research and Intervention on Domestic Violence: An International Perspective and Empirical Study, chief editors Rong Weiyi and Huang Lie, 2003, 362,000 Chinese characters.
This compilation of papers on international symposiums in 2002 on anti-domestic violence includes the outcomes of research by net members and experts from Japan, the United States, Denmark, Canada and other countries on domestic violence theories, social help, and administrative and judicial intervention; also the progress of anti-domestic violence sub-programs.

Domestic Violence and Legal Aid: Questions? Thinking? Strategy, edited by Jian-Mei Guo, 2003, 317,000 Chinese characters
This work introduces the background, significance and objectives of the Legal Aid to Battered Women project. It details and makes analyses of 15 instances of legal aid in domestic violence cases.

An Oral Record of Battered Women, chief editors Song Meiya and Xue Ninglan, 2003, 383,000 Chinese characters

This record analyses 28 cases of battered women and presents the situation in China on domestic violence in all its forms, and includes the attitudes to it, first-hand, of domestic violence victims from all walks of life.

Research on Domestic Violence in China, chief editors Zhang Li Xi and Liu Meng, 2004, 168,000 Chinese characters
This research comprises investigation reports on an anti-domestic violence project based on 3,543 questionnaires distributed in nine locations within Zhejiang, Hunan and Gansu provinces. Its major findings are that 34.7% of married men resort to mental and physical violence when marital conflicts arise. Results also highlight the different experiences of domestic violence associated with marital dissatisfaction among men and women. They reveal that it is solely childhood experience and not educational background, economic status or living environment that has direct bearing on common understandings of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Intervention Training Textbook Series (2004) is the first series of its kind for people in China involved in domestic violence intervention. Its editors are participants in anti-domestic violence projects.

Report on the Questionnaires Survey of the Condition of Law Intervention in Domestic Violence against Women; Chinese Perspective on Domestic Violence - Personal experience and Public Attitudes.

Research on Fundamental Construction of the Domestic Violence Prevention Act, edited by Chen Mingxia, Xia Yinlan, Li Mingshun and Xue Ninglan, 2005, 401,000 Chinese characters.
This research data constitutes the Proposed Draft of the People's Republic of China on the Domestic Violence Prevention Act, and comprises a compilation of extensive research and outcomes of discussions by the anti-domestic violence project legislative sub-committee on the Report on the Questionnaire Survey of the Law on Intervention in Domestic Violence against Women; and on Chinese Perspectives - Personal experience and Public Attitudes -- on Domestic Violence.
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