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书名: Gender and Development in China: Review and Perspective
Author: Gao Xiaoxian, Jiang Bo, Wang Guohong
Press: Shaanxi People's Publishing House
Publication date: 2002
Vector form items: 341,000 Chinese characters
Series Name:
This book comprises a compilation of research outcomes stemming from the Symposium on Gender and Development in China: Review and Perspective, organized in August 2000 by the Shaanxi Provincial Research Association of Women's Theory, Marriage and Family held in Xian. The book presents a microcosm of theory and practice on women, gender and development in China at the end of 20th century. It also highlights characteristics of the reality of gender research and examines actions ensuing from research.

The book is in three parts. They are: Theoretical Studies; Case Studies; and Gender Training. Each section includes questions that prompt discussions and thematic records.

The first part consists of 13 research papers and two recorded discussions on the topics of Gender Localization and Gender Sensitive Indicators.

The second part, which constitutes the book's main content, combines observations on influential projects by the end of 20th century on women/gender and development in China such as the Inner Mongolia Chifeng project, the Danfeng project in Shaanxi, the Anhui Huoshan project and the Guizhou Caohai project. The respective case studies showcase Chinese scholars' theoretical and practical explorations of gender and development, in the contexts of different places, cultures, ethnicities, religions, and economies.

The last part compiles early research data and records of discussions and questions by local Chinese researchers on participatory gender training
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