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书名: Gender and Public Policies
Author: Li Huiying
Press: Contemporary China Publishing House
Publication date: 2002
Vector form items: 310,000 Chinese characters
Series Name:
Keywords: Gender, public policies
Gender and Public Policies is the result of research led by Li Hui-Ying carried out by the Central Party School Women's Studies Center. Compiled by Guo Huimin, Jin Yihong, Zheng Xinrong, Zhang Lixi, Du Jie and Li Hui-Ying – experts and scholars from different disciplines -- it is the first academic work of its kind to take a gender perspective on public policy.

This book presents in-depth analyses of the two core elements of patriarchy manifest in labor gender divisions and the patriarchal clan system, and how they are perpetuated and maintained over generations in employment, education, economy, the family and other areas.

It examines efforts by the international community and national governments to promote gender mainstreaming, and countermeasures to prohibit and eliminate gender discrimination.

In four parts, the first cites data that raises the issue of gender equality in China and pinpoints the gender system as culprit of gender inequality.

The second part analyzes the construction and practice of the gender system and how it relates to the rights of men and women of different classes in different geographical areas. It reveals loopholes and discrepancies in public policies, particularly in the seldom-raised issues of domestic violence and sexual harassment.

The third part examines current public policies from a gender perspective and the profound paradoxes and contradictions that exist therein. It introduces the concept of gender mainstreaming and considers the gender equality mechanisms embedded in the international community.

The fourth part is an appendix that gives examples in Canada and other countries of the promotion of gender equality through translation practices and legislative texts. Of particular interest are examples of legislation prohibiting sex discrimination in South Korea and Japan -- countries which share China's Confucian cultural background.
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