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书名: Women and Gender Studies Book Series
Author: Du Fangqin, Wang Zheng Tianjin
Press: People's Publishing House
Publication date: 2002-2005
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This seven-volume Women and Gender Studies Book Series compiles the results of the collective efforts from 2002 to 2005 of 100 or so Chinese and overseas women scholars on the Developing Women and Gender Studies in China project, including the two sub-topics, The Inter-disciplinary Basis of Gender and Gender and History.

Exploration of Local Women's Studies and Women's History - A Gender and Cross-disciplinary Perspective, Du Fangqin, 2002, summarizes recent research on and efforts to promote women’s studies. It begins with the topic, Women's Studies: the Global Perspective, Regional Comparison, Local Exploration, that discusses the characteristics of multi- and interdisciplinary women's studies. The book raises the overseas concept of gender and observes research on and academic significance of women’s studies and its disciplinary construction through the methodology of cultural criticism, textual analysis and oral accounts in the local context. The second part focuses on Chinese women's history, including achievements of the gender system in the Zhou Dynasty, sexual relations during the Tang Dynasty, and the Qing Dynasty complexity of gender relations within the phenomena of the "female gaze" of talented scholars and "female writings” of gifted women. It also explores the theory of local women and gender history. The focus of the third section is on the Chinese women's organizations and research on women’s development.

Women and Gender Studies in China (1987-2003), Du Fangqin, Wang Xiangxian, 2003, is a compilation of outstanding writings on relevant domestic issues that constitutes an introductory women's studies course. The book focuses on seven topics, each comprising two-to- four papers written by women’s studies scholars on China's mainland that present local progress and the latest results in specific study fields.

Unruly knowledge - Global and Regional Visions of Women's Studies, Yu Ningping, Du Fangqin, 2003, is a translation of overseas research writings on women’s studies, for purposes of drawing on others' experience. It includes: (1) the historical process and curriculum development of overseas women and gender studies, and reflections on the internationalization of women's studies; (2) case studies on new areas and categories of women and gender studies, and cross-cultural understandings of gender culture and the application of international law. Cross-Border - Cross-Cultural Feminist Practice, Wang Zheng, 2004, is a compilation of papers that the author and other Chinese and overseas women scholars have worked on over a ten-year period to promote academic development of feminism and develop women and gender study projects. It gives a fundamentally feminist perspective on transcending cultural boundaries and gender limitations in the field of knowledge production.

Women and Gender in Chinese History, Du Fangqin, Wang Zheng, 2004, reflects on the long process of change and continuity in gender relationships throughout Chinese history. It starts from the impact of historical changes in women and gender relations on the construction of of the gender system, revealing layered dimensions of gender relations and women's unique performance.

Gender (2 series), Du Fangqin, Wang Zheng, 2004, examines knowledge construction in all fields from the standpoints of gender perspective, scope and methods and others such as class, ethnicity, geographical location and age. The book sets out to reconstruct, reproduce and disseminate through critical reflection a brand new mode of cognition and thinking to encourage broad participation in action to dispel gender inequality.

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