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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Advance Learning so as to Implement the Spirit of the 17th Session of the Party Congress, Promote Women's Research so as to Contribute to the Building of a Harmonious Society
GU Xiu-lian
Women's Participation in Villagers' Self Government
PAN Ping
Study of Women's Strategy for Participating in Elections of Village Committees: A Case from the Suizhou City, Hubei
LIU Xiao-hong & WU Zhi-ping
Protection Policies and Women's Public Participation: Observation of the Experiment with "Votes Disaggregated by Sex" in H Village in Guangshui, Hubei
CHEN Qiong & LIU Xiao-hong
Establishing Developmental Moral Education among Women University Students
SHI Tong
"March 8th" Commemoration and Women's Movement in the Yan'an Era
TONG Xiao-biao
Historical Evidence on Anti-Domestic Violence in the Base Areas
CUI Lan-ping
Portrait and Language of Prostitutes in Modern Literature
LIU Chuan-xia
Analysis of the Female Characters in the Epic Jangar
WANG Wei-hua
A Gender Perspective of EU Family-Friendly Policy——Lessons from Parental Leave Directive
LU Ya-jun
New Strategies in EU Policies and Measures to Promote Women in Science and Technology
ZHAO Ye-zhu & FU Chun-hui
Gender Equality and Building a Harmonious Society: A Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Discussion: Summary of the 2007 Annual Conference of the Chinese Women's Research Society
MA Yan & CHEN Hui-ping
"Globalization and Asian Women, Asian Women's Studies International Forum" Summary
JIN Yi-hong
Research on Rural Women Who Remain Rural
ZHU HAI-zhong
"Signs of the Rise of Atlantics": Reading "The Madwoman in the Attic: The Woman Writer and the Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination
YANG Li-xin
Rebuilding Gylany Society: Reading "The Sacred Pleasure"
MA Dong-ling
Assessing "Feminist Economics"
MI Rui-xin
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