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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Gender Analysis of Policy on the Construction of New Villages: Ways to Achieve Gender Mainstreaming
YIN Dan-ping
Gender and AIDS
——Life Course of a Woman Infected with AIDS
Promotion of Family Planning Policy and Alienation of Grassroots Women's Committees: Based on Analysis of Research in Yu Xian, Henan
YANG Cui-ping
Family/Marriage-related Death of Women at the Beginning of Liberation
LI Hong-he
Changes of Women's Role in Famine Relief Practices at the End of Qing and the Beginning of the Republic of China
ZHAO Xiao-hua
Reconsidering Lives of Huizhou Merchants' Wives Who Stayed behind at Home in the Ming-Qing Period
Gender Connotations in the Use of Language: The "Third Sex" under the Power of Language
JIANG Ning1 NIU Ya-jun2
The Contraceptive Movement in China in the End of 1940s: Centered on Women Who Rebelled
LIU Xue-ping
Spivak's Research on "Subaltern" and Her Feminist Literary Critique: Based both on Gender and Race Perspectives
XU Xiao-qin
Research on Japanese Women's History
ZHANG Li-hua
Thirty years of Women's/Gender Wtudies in China
Comments on Western Research on Rights of Husbands and Wives
ZHANG Li-mei
New Products in Multidisciplinary Research on Women and Children: Summary of the Report Meeting on New Products of the Centre of Women's/Gender Studies" at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
MENG Xian-fan & XUE Ning-Lan
Women's Expressions in Folk Arts: Reading the Book on My Folk Arts World——Life Stories of 80 Women’s Experiences
CHEN Cheng
Portrait of Women in the Discourse of "Imperial Politics": Reading the Book on Nation, Gender and Class——The "Imperial Politics" During the Era of Manchurian Puppet Government
FANG Yan-hua & LIU Zhi-peng
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