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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
The Puzzle of Women's Liberation and Their Way Out: Learning from the Marx's Thought
LIU Xiao-hui
Long-Term Trend and Determinants of the Gender-based Income Gap in China
YANG Ju-hua
Use of Toolkit for the Promotion of Gender Equity in the Study of Support System for Decision-making
——In Assessing the Quality of Care in Reproductive Health/Family Planning
LI Liang1 YANG Xue-yan2 ZHANG Qun-lin1
Study of the Unbalanced Sex Ratio at Birth among the Miao and Dong Minorities in the Autonomous Prefectures of Southeast Guizhou Province
YANG Jun-chang WANG Xi-long
Reasons behind Government Tactics to Control the Prostitution Problem in Qing Dynasty
LIU Jin-tao
The Diversity of Feminist Discourse in May Fourth Era Advanced by the Translation of Henrik Ibsen and Oscar Wilde's Plays
Gender Justice in Political Philosophy
SONG Jian-li
Feminist IRT: Conversion and Evolution of Issues
SU Yun-ting JIN Ji-dong
Summary of the Workshop on Balance between Work and Family: Analysis of Chinese situations and policies
LI Ya-ni
Women's Development in Thirty Years of Reform and Opening Up: An Overview of Gender-Related Researches in the 2008 Sociological Annual Conference
MA Dong-lin
Sexual Vivolence Against Women and Children in China
CHAN Ko-ling LI Xiu-hua GAO Jian-xiu LIU Ting-ting4
Women's Higher Education Against an Aging Background: Summary of the 4th International Forum of Women University Presidents and the Seminar on Women's Higher Education Against an Aging Background
Liu Liqun & Zhang Jingjie
Unveiling the "Veil" of Authority of the Art: Reading Women, Arts and Authority
Chen Yu
Appraising Gender and Society
MI Rui-xin
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