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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Managing High Imbalance in Sex Ratio at Birth, Analyzing Empowerment Factor in Public Policy: Comparing Public Policy Making between China and South Korea
TAN Lin & ZHOU Yao
Changes in Legal Philosophy Supporting the Chinese Protection of Women's Rights: The Law on the Protection of Women's Rights and Interests and the Regional Decisions on the Implementation of the Law
MO Wen-xiu
A Study of Professional Differences among Urban Women in Engaging in Leisure Activities
——Taking Shaoxing as An Example
ZHOU Kai, WANG Li & WANG De-gen
Protection of Reproductive Rights of Unemployed Women: Study of "Guidelines of Unemployment Insurance" and "Guidelines of Maternity Insurance" Issued by Different Provinces
PAN Jin-tang
Gender Analysis of the Sexual Violence Taken Place during the Nanjing Massacre
JIN Yi-hong
Behind the Historical Notion of "Compassion": Making Sense of "Compassion" for Women in Ancient Chinese Law
TIAN Xiao-mei
Western Women's Theatre in China
LING Jian-e & ZHANG Min
Role of "New Women" and Social Interaction in China in the 1930's: Case with the Film New Women
On Cyberfeminism
DU Lan-lan
Cross Border Internet Appeals on against Violence against Women
LEI Cai-li
Assessing Women's Studies based on the Funding of the National Social Sciences Fund Over Years
TANG Yue-qong, ZHU & WANG Hao
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