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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Gender Trait, Body Practice and Health Risk BehaviorL
IN Xiao-shan
Responses to Impacts of Climate Change on WomenC
EN Jian-mei
Factors Influencing Rural Women's Awareness of Gender Roles in China: Based on the Data of CGSS2006
CHEN Ting-ting
Struggles and Separation: Reconsidering Women's Participation in Establishing their Status during the Collectivist Era: Women in Shuanglong Village in Area of En'shi, Hubei
CUI Ying-ling
"Defeminization" of Women Village Leaders: Sex, Gender and Leadership
GAO Huan-qing & LI Qin
Gender Values from a Woman Village Chief
Study of Female Migrant Sex Workers——Using District Y of City L As an Example
LI Juan
Chinese Communist Party's Praxis with Women's Political Participation during the Democratic Revolutionary Era: A Multidimensional Assessment
LI Xiao-guang & WU Guo-qing
From Object to Subject: Changes in Women's Marital Rights at the Early Nationalist Period Using Resolution Cases of Marital Disputes Handled by the Da Li Yuan
XU Jing-li
Facing Painful Self: Female and Reproduction in View of Women's Literature
LIU Yuan-yuan
From Destruction to Reconstruction: An Analysis of Western Feminist Approach to the Relationship between Women and Nature
SHI Bi-qiu & LI Xiao-zhe
New Developments in Feminist Economics: Globalization and Care Work and Viewing Development and Climate Change from a Perspective of Freedom and Belonging
CUI Shao-zhong
2010 Annual Conference of the Chinese Women's Research Society and the Forum of "Beijing +15"
ZHANG Yong-ying, LI Ya-ni & LI Hai-yan
Summary of "Marxist Outlook on Women and the Development of Contemporary Gender Theory Seminar"
TANG Mei-ling
Abstracts of Views of Experts at the Experts' Seminar on "Judicial Explanation of the Law of Marriage (III)"
ZHANG Yong-ying
Mainstreaming Gender Equality in Village Rules and Regulations: Summary of "the High Level of Forum on Strengthening Village Self-Government and Promoting Gender Equality"
NAN Chu-xin
Summary of "2010 Annual Conference of Gender and Law Research Network"
CHEN Wei & HOU Han
Discovering "Nora," Reconstructing "Nora," Leaving "Nora": Xu Huiqi's "Nora" in China: Constructing New Woman's Image and Its Changes (1900-1930)
HU Yue-han & ZHAI Qing-ju
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